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The mind is a fertile soil that will grow anything we plant in it. WHAT are we saying to ourself? We should realize that what we say is what we get? There is a popular saying that what you see is what you get. This is not so because we do not walk by sight, instead we walk by faith. It is important to control the words of our mouth. The words of our mouth is producing our lives. God knows the future because He has spoken the future. He spoke the world into existence. However, God put our future into our hands, through what we speak into our lives

It is important to train oneself in other to control the world and the future. Words are spirit and they are life. We cannot rise above what we allow ourselves to say or think. We speak our life into existence through the power of our words. We must control our mouth through controlling our mind. As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. To control our thinking we must control our thoughts. Thoughts are things.

There are 3 sources from which we receive thoughts

Our 5 senses. Hearing, taste, smell, touch, sight. A lot of the things that have been learned came from our senses.

Devil ( the devil bombards the mind with negative thoughts even though he cannot read our mid)

God speaks to our spirit and our spirit speaks to our mind. The mind is like a machine.

To tell if our thoughts are good or bad, we must program our mind. We must renew our mind through God’s words. We must program our mind positively and empower ourselves in God’s words. When anything comes up against it, cast it down by God’s promises. We must put every thought under the obedience of God. It starts as thoughts, then imaginations, then strong hold, then the stronghold starts to control the person’s life. Remember we have power to pull down the stronghold. We must control our thoughts so it does not lead to imagination and stronghold.

We must never let frustrations, fear, anger, security, jealousy rule our heart. Let all thoughts to be subject to the peace God has given. Whenever a thought comes to our mind, and we know that we cannot follow that line of thinking in the word of God, then we must dismiss it. Anything that disturbs our peace is not from God so we must dismiss it. It is important to renew our mind with the word of God. Let our minds be ruled by the peace of God not our bills, our worries nor negative thoughts that leads to imaginations and strong hold. God’s word is victory.

Start thinking God’s word in all situations.Victory or defeat is born in the mind. To be successful, master the mind. Successful people have it in their minds that they will win. My encouragement is that it does not matter whatever situation we are in, if we can put correct thoughts in our mind, get that thought to become imagination.


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